Danger: The lightning bolt that was a fridge

A lightning bold hurled by an angry god is not necessarily a lightning bolt, and may be a gift from a way-cool machine. One can infer this from an urgent warning issued by the London Fire Brigade:

[05 July 2011.] A week after a tower block caught fire in what was widely believed to be a blaze caused by a lightning strike, fire investigators have discovered that the fire was actually caused by a faulty BEKO fridge freezer that is at the centre of a product safety warning.

The London Fire Brigade believes the incident serves as an urgent warning of the potentially serious danger of a failure in the appliances that has been flagged up by the company as a cause for concern. It is believed there could be as many as 500,000 of the potentially faulty fridge freezers in homes and businesses across the country. Fire chiefs are urging people to check if they own the particular models of BEKO fridge freezer which were manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006. Click here for a full list.

So urgent is this warning that it appears today, 4 July 2011, a full day before it’s written.

(HT @IanVisits)

BONUS (July 7, 2011): Investigator Sid Rodrigues points out that, to English-speakers of a certain adolescent sensibility, the name of the company that owns the BEKO brand is what’s called “unfortunate”. A press release begins with the company name: “Arçelik Group’s growth will be significantly based on international markets in the future. We are targeting to move our international presence and coverage further to become a global company in the real sense. That is why Beko’s accomplishments in foreign markets are such precious references for us. Beko’s success is one of the best results of our global company vision.”  The press release further notes—several times—that the CEO of Arçelik Group is also the “President of Koç Holding Durable Goods Group.”