New Book: “Geniuses Without Glory”

The manga about me and the Ig Nobel Prizes has just been published in book form. The publisher, Shueisha, chose to call it Geniuses Without Glory. (That’s the English translation of the title—the book itself is written in Japanese.) The manga is expanded from the version published as a two-parter (1, 2) in Young Jump magazine. The magazines had scantily-clad young women on the covers; the book cover [reproduced here, below] is less colorful.

I am one of three “geniuses without glory” glorified in the book; the others are Michihiro Takabatake, a dead baseball hitting instructor, and Yoichi Fukunaga, a jockey who recovered from severe brain damage suffered in a fall from a horse.

ISBN 978-4-08-879092-3.