Young Jump Ig Nobel manga (pt 2)

Part 2 of Young Jump‘s manga about the history of the Ig Nobel Prizes was published today. Part 1 was published last week. Here, below, are a few pages from it. (The magazine’s cover is reproduced here, at right.)

Part 2 features the cheering resolution of the cliffhanger set up in Part 1, in which Sir Robert May, the chief scientific adviser to the British government, tried to ban the awarding of Ig Nobel Prizes to British scientists.* Part 2 also features several Ig Nobel Prize winners and their adventures at the Ig. We see Daisuke Inoue (the inventor of karaoke), Toshi Nakagaki (who discovered that slime molds can solve puzzles), and the force of nature known as Dr. Nakamats (prolific inventor, who also photographed all his meals for more than 34 years). And we see Miss Sweetie Poo, and other delightfully powerful personages…

[* We have always assumed that the basic story behind his meltdown was just that he was having a bad day, or a collection of bad days, as all of us do now and then.]

British government science advisor Sir Robert May
crowds rush into Harvard's Sanders Theatre to see the Ig Nobel Prize ceremonyIg Nobel Prize winner Toshi Nakagaki, who discovered that slime mold can solve puzzlesIg Nobel Prize winner Daisuke Inoue, the inventor of Karaoke, at the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony