Self-Admin’d Hydrofluoric Acid Enema

Gastroenterology can be a complex and delicate endeavor:

Fulminant Acute Colitis Following a Self-Administered Hydrofluoric Acid Enema,” MS Cappell and T. Simon, American Journal of Gastroenterology, 1993 Jan;88(1):122-6. (Thanks to Wendy German for bringing ths to our attention.) The authors, at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson (Rutgers) Medical School, New Brunswick, New Jersey, report:

“A 33-yr-old white male presented with bloody diarrhea, leukocytosis, and left lower quadrant direct and rebound tenderness after a self-administered concentrated hydrofluoric acid enema while intoxicated from intranasal cocaine administration…. The patient underwent a limited sigmoid resection and a Hartman procedure. Five months later, the patient presented with a rectal stricture which was resected. This case demonstrates that a hydrofluoric acid enema can cause fulminant acute colitis and chronic colonic strictures.”