Ig Nobel readings Saturday in Cambridge

We are planning final details for Saturday’s big (free) event at the Cambridge Science Festival — public readings from studies that have won Ig Nobel Prizes, plus Ig Nobel opera songs performed by Neara Russell and Julia Lunetta. Spread the word, please! We’ll select the readings from all 19 years of Ig winners.

There will be four separate sessions, each with a different theme:
10:00 am — How Animals Behave
Noon — How People Behave
2:00 pm — Things & Inventions
3:30 pm — Boys Will Be Boys *

*CONTENT WARNING: The 3:30 event will feature subjects that are either, depending on your viewpoint, “adult” or “very adolescent”. Everyone is welcome — but… if you have a delicate sensibility about research that is either “adult” or “adolescent”, you will want to avoid the 3:30 pm session.