May 1 — Day of Ig Nobel Readings

On May 1, we will inaugurate a new kind of Improbable Research event: a series of public readings of extracts from studies and books that won Ig Nobel Prizes.

This will be at the beautiful new Cambridge Public Library, as part of the Cambridge (Massachusetts) Science Festival.

Ig Nobel Prize winners and other splendid persons will read short selections from their, our, and your* favorite, juiciest Ig Nobel Prize-winning studies and books.

There will be four separate sessions, each with a different theme:
10:00 am — How Animals Behave
Noon — How People Behave
2:00 pm — Things & Inventions
3:30 pm — Boys Will Be Boys *

All four events are FREE.

*CONTENT WARNING: The 3:30 event will feature subjects that are either, depending on your viewpoint, “adult” or “very adolescent”. Everyone is welcome — but… if you have a delicate sensibility about research that is either “adult” or “adolescent”, you will want to avoid the 3:30 pm session.

BRISKNESS NOTE: To keep things moving briskly, eight-year-old Miss Sweetie Poo will preside at the first three sessions. The 3:30 “Boys Will Be Boys” session will, instead, be under the dominion of the very grown-up Miss Naughty Poo.

YOUR FAVORITES: Got a favorite Ig-winning study or book you’d like us to include in the readings? Consult the list of all past Ig winners. Email your recommendation to: <Events.Readings AT>

READERS: Here is a partial list of the readers: