To make love as a testee

What of love inside an MRI machine? Ida Sabelis discourses in her acceptance speech for the 2000 Ig Nobel Prize in medicine:

In the autumn of 1991 Pek (M.V. van Andel) phoned my partner Jupp. Whenever he does that, he mostly has something special on his mind. The point was to visualize with a modern scan how it really shows when a man and a woman are making love. As far as known it never has been done before and who knows which not foreseen, never thought images should emerge. Apart from that it would be very beautiful to image this act. Pek suggested it should be just something for us, we are slim, and because of our background as acrobats.

Sabelis and her partner later discussed this, and even demonstrated it, more or less, in a short film.

BONUS: This piece will be read in performance at the May 1 Cambridge Science Festival Event, in the 3:30 session.