Bank gives its customers “funny money”

A sign of recovery in the banking industry: Citibank invites its customers to a gambling event at which “The games will be played with ‘funny money’ provided by the bank.” The cover letter accompanying their invitation [a portion of the invitation is reproduced at right] reads:

As a token of our appreciation to you, our valued client, we are sponsoring a casino night here in our Financial Center on Wednesday evening, 5/12/10. I would really love for you and your colleagues to attend if possible. We will have various casino games such as  3 blackjack tables, roulette wheel, 1 large craps table, 2 (Texas Holdem) poker tables and 3 slot machines. The games will be played with “funny money” provided by the bank. Various wines, cheese and pastries will also be served. There will be prizes for the top winners!! Should be lots of fun and I hope to see you there.