This Saturday: Improbable Research Cabaret

If you have any questions as to how or whether to use Coca-Cola for birth control, this is your chance to ask someone who really knows.

[Update In Response To Questions From Several Individuals: No, Coca-Cola is not sponsoring this event.]

This Saturday, May 2nd, will see the very first Improbable Research Cabaret, part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

Featuring Marc Abrahams, Ig Nobel Prize winners Lynn Halpern (why people dislike the sound of fingernails on a blackboard), and (Deborah J. Anderson (Is Coca-Cola an effective spermicide?). Also featuring Studmuffins of Science Calendar creator Karen Hopkin will explain why astrology is just as reliable for bacteria as it is for humans, Improbable Webmaster Julia Lunetta performing songs from the Ig Nobel Operas accompanied by Neara Russell, the Performing Scientists from Harvard and MIT. Illumination will be provided by the Human Spotlights. Speeches will be kept to promptitude thanks to Miss Sweetie Poo.

The Cabaret will be doing double duty — It’s a festival event, and also a fundraiser for the Central Square Theater, Greater Boston’s newest theatrical arts center in the heart of Central Square. Tickets are $35 for adults, and $20 for students, and can be purchased online, or reserved by contacting KC Forcier at (617) 576-9278 x208, or Tickets include post-performance reception with Cabaret scientists.