Snively on the watch (at the Ig)

The informal lectures are when you get a chance to actually hear the reasoning behind all of this research. Consider it a “Why” to the “Huh?!” Each speaker has 5 minutes to share all of their research and try to convince the audience that they aren’t off their rocker. To avoid any speakers hogging the stage it’s tradition to employ two members of the audience to help with moving the show along. When they asked for two volunteers I did the typical 6th grade “Me Me Me Me Me!” and waved my hand around from near the back of the lecture hall (actually, it was a subdued and altogether graceful raising of my hand). The MC picked me and said “Great, we have a time keeper! Do you have a watch with a second hand?”

Uh oh. I look at my watch. I stuttered for a bit. I look around at the 200 people in the room, all looking at me. I then look back down at the MC, at which point I had to confess.

“Actually, I’m wearing a binary watch.”

So writes Snively ’11 in his MIT Admissions Office blog. Snively went to, and found himself taking part in, the 2007 Ig Informal Lectures.


(Thanks to investigator Quentin Smith for bringing this to our attention.)

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