How Well Do Horror Fans Survive Real Pandemics?

As if prepared for it all their lives, fans of horror fiction plunge now into a real pandemic. A new study looks at their psychological prospects. “Pandemic Practice: Horror Fans and Morbidly Curious Individuals Are More Psychologically Resilient During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Coltan Scrivner [pictured here, stylistically], John Johnson, Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen, and Mathias Clasen, PsyArXiv, […]

Zombies, Performance and Eating (study)

“This article examines how food can be used to access the zombie in performance as a means to reconfigure the eating body.” – explains Dr Jenny Lawson of Leeds University,UK, describing her data-gathering project Eating Minds which was undertaken in 2014 in Stockton UK. “The personal zombie-food-fantasies disclosed in Eating Minds were evocative of private […]

Seeking info about a Zombe

We would be grateful for any biographical info you might supply — specifically about E. Zombe, author of this work: “Dvadtsatipiatitysiachniki,” E. Zombe, Voprosy istorii, 1947, no. 5, p. 19. We have seen it cited in several places, including this reference: UPDATE (November 8): Investigator Filip Graliński says: “Here is the paper:

Consultants’ triumph (1): The zombie economy

Successful consultants can take anything — no matter how complex — and make it simple to understand. London-based PA Consulting Group say they “transform the performance of major organisations in both the private and public sectors“. In the promotional image shown here, dealing with what PA calls “The Zombie Economy”, they seem to transform one […]