Here’s video of the first (Improbable) Conversation: Cats/Liquids/Language

Here’s recorded video of last week’s event, the first in a collaborative series by The Conversation and Improbable Research. The goal in these: Two researchers, in different fields, explore each other’s worlds a little bit. “(Improbable) Conversation: Physics and Psychology of Cats“, with physicist (and Ig Nobel Prize winner, for exploring the question “Can a Cat Be […]

Ig folk: Language explorers on “Planet Word”

The BBC television program “Planet Word“, hosted by Stephen Fry, has featured interviews and demonstrations with at least two prominent Ig Nobel people. Richard Stephens, 2010 Ig Nobel Prize peace prize winner for confirming the widely held belief that swearing relieves pain, demonstrates his work, assisted by Stephen Fry and actor Brian Blessed, on episode 3. […]