The adventures of Uterus Man

“Uterus Man” is an animated manga, created by LuYang. Reviewer Rowan Hooper (of New Scientist magazine) says: “Uterus Man rides a pelvic chariot, flies using blood powers, eats placenta.” Here is the video: [vimeo]82164043[/vimeo] BONUS (related): A more traditional — some might say unmanly or nonmanly — look at the uterus:   BONUS (possibly related, possibly not): […]

MOOCs for marmosets, sort of, on branch if not online

Marmosets learn skills from watching instructional videos, at least some marmosets do, provided that someone does show them instructional videos, and further provided that those videos show tasks of interest to the marmosets. Such was the conclusion drawn by humans who did an experiment described by Davide Castelvecci in Nature News: Marmoset see, marmoset do Monkeys in the wild learn skills […]

Concerns about watching TV while driving: then and now

NOW: Stuff reports: The [UK] Department for Transport has acted to ban drivers from using Google Glass – even before Google’s smart eyewear launches to the general public. Stuff has learned that the government department is concerned about the potential for distraction that could result from using Google Glass while driving, and has taken pre-emptive action ahead […]