Vertebrates in the Vegetable Package, in the News

Humans are more omnivorous than some of us realize, sometimes, suggests this new study: “There’s a Frog in My Salad! A Review of Online Media Coverage for Wild Vertebrates Found in Prepackaged Produce in the United States,” Daniel F. Hughes, Michelle L. Green, Jonathan K. Warner, and Paul C. Davidson, Science of the Total Environment, […]

Tapeworms from Vertebrate Bowels of the Earth, appreciated

Though tapeworms tend to live sequestered lives, those lives can be—and now have been—contemplated panoramically. Planetary Biodiversity Inventory (2008-2017): Tapeworms from Vertebrate Bowels of the Earth, compiles info about tapeworms from the bowels of many vertebrates. The book is a collaboration of Janine N. Caira [pictured here] and Kirsten Jensen, published in 2017 [University of Kansas, Natural […]