Dr. Wagenmakers disapproves (urination & drunkenness)

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a thoughtful article called “Fraud Scandal Fuels Debate Over Practices of Social Psychology“. They interviewed several people, including the irrepressibly irascible Dr. Wagenmakers [pictured here, in the photo he features on his web site]: But one methodological expert, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, of the University of Amsterdam, added a sociological twist to the […]

Gorilla Ig Nobellian reviews Full-Bladder Winners

Writing in the New York Times Book Review, Chris Chabris, who together with Dan Simons was awarded the 2004 Ig Nobel Prize in psychology (for their experiment in which people did not notice a gorilla) explores some recent books about how well the brain makes decisions. In particular Professor Chabris appreciates the work of the 2011 Ig Nobel medicine prize winners: Is the […]

Tuk’s take on her Ig for urine-pressured decisions

Deutsche Welle interviews Mirjam Tuk about the 2011 Ig Nobel Prize in medicine, which she and her colleagues in Europe shared with an unrelated group in Australia and the US. Here’s the beginning of the interview (and click here for audio): Deutsche Welle: You are one of this year’s winners of the Ig Nobel prize […]

Ig Nobel winner Tuk explains her urination paper

Deutsche Welle recorded an interview [click here to hear it] with Mirjam Tuk, co-winner of the 2011 Ig Nobel Prize in physiology. They write: Full interview with Mirjam Tuk Check out this interview with Dutch researcher Mirjam Tuk, who recently shared an Ig Nobel Prize with two colleagues for a study arguing that our efforts at self-control in […]