Further physics news about whether the past is coming

There’s been further evidence found that, maybe, time does not run backwards. The evidence is presented in this study: “Observation of Time Reversal Violation in the B0 Meson System,” The BABAR Collaboration [J.P. Lees, et al.], arXiv:1207.5832, July 24, 2012. The Economist summed it up in their September 1 edition, under the headline (and subheadline) […]

How do students spend their time?

A new study raises questions: “How Students Spend Their Time,” Andrea L. Welker [pictured here] and Bridget Wadzuk, J. Prof. Issues Eng. Educ. Pract., vol. 138, 2012, pp. 198-206.  the authors, at Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania, explain: “An analysis was performed of how students spend their time … the students self-report their use of time […]

The hair of Father Time

John Ptak points out that Father Time, though often portrayed during his end-of-year bald phase, was once seen as an unruly-haired fellow: This image proves that even Time itself can have a bad hair day, from time to time. The woodcut image appears as the printer’s mark (of Simonem Colineum, or Simon de Colines) in […]