A Deflating Picture Perhaps Clarifies a Medical Technique

This medical study features a photo that either clarifies matters or confuses them: “A novel method to decrease mattress compression during CPR using a mattress compression cover and a vacuum pump,” Jaehoon Oh, Youngjoon Chee, Yeongtak Song, Taeho Lim, Hyunggoo Kang, Youngsuk Cho, Resuscitation, epub 2012. The authors, at Hanyang University in Seoul and at […]

Irrational Torque Technique of Hammer Throwers

This study explains that the technique of certain hammer throwers is irrational. Below the citation, you can see a video about the comparatively rational techniques of Soviet hammer throwers. “Kinematical Research on the Whole Pace and the Features of the Kip and Knee of the Throwing Technique of Chinese Elite Female Hammer Throwers,” Zhang Jinyi, […]