Does the Sex of a Simulated Patient Affect CPR? Where Do Your Hands Go? [research study]

“Does the Sex of a Simulated Patient Affect CPR?” [by Chelsea E. Kramer, Matthew S. Wilkins, Jan M. Davies, Jeff K. Caird, and Gregory M. Hallihan, published in Resuscitation, vol. 86, 2015, pp. 82-87] is a featured study in “Medical Research: Rescuers’ Hands, Ponytail Headache, Elevation for Nursing“, which is a featured article in the special Women […]

A Deflating Picture Perhaps Clarifies a Medical Technique

This medical study features a photo that either clarifies matters or confuses them: “A novel method to decrease mattress compression during CPR using a mattress compression cover and a vacuum pump,” Jaehoon Oh, Youngjoon Chee, Yeongtak Song, Taeho Lim, Hyunggoo Kang, Youngsuk Cho, Resuscitation, epub 2012. The authors, at Hanyang University in Seoul and at […]

BeeGees Music, Applied to CPR

Music [specifically, the music you can hear in the video below] doeth save the heart, perhaps, when applied to an otherwise silent life-saving technique, suggests this study: “‘Stayin’ Alive’: A Novel Mental Metronome to Maintain Compression Rates in Simulated Cardiac Arrests,” John W. Hafner, Jeremy L. Sturgell, David L. Matlock, Elizabeth G. Bockewitz, Lisa T. […]