Connections: Persian Rugs and Morton Feldman’s music [study]

  Does listening to Morton Feldman’s ‘Crippled Symmetry’ suite (above) remind you of a Persian rug? If not, you may not be attuned to Feldman’s repetitions and variations – which, on closer inspection, may, it’s said, in some senses, resonate with patterns on rugs. But, academically speaking, possible common threads have not been studied in […]

“Symmetry-breaking phase transitions in highly concentrated semen” [study]

Non-scientists can introduce themselves to the concept of symmetry-breaking by reading this newly published study by Creppy and colleagues: “Symmetry-breaking phase transitions in highly concentrated semen,” Adama Creppy, Franck Plouraboué, Olivier Praud, Xavier Druart, Sébastien Cazin, Hui Yu, Pierre Degond, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, epub October 12, 2016. The authors write: Depositing fresh […]

How to interpret a new discovery

Wolter Seuntjens, in exploring yet another frontier that few have examined, made a discovery. In a newly published study, Seuntjens gives a clear explanation of how to interpret his  or anyone’s new discovery about anything. The study is: “Mary Symmetrical and Mary Nonsymmetrical – A Hitherto Undetected Difference in the Iconography of the Two Most Important Women in […]