Stool Philanthropy, Announced in Washington, DC

Medical student Breanna McSweeney presented data from the study “Potential Motivators and Deterrents for Stool Donors: A Multicenter Study,” on June 5 at a Digestive Disease Week gathering at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. McSweeney then wrote about her presentation, on the Everyday Health blog: Stool Donation: What Would Make You Consider It? … Of […]

Culinary medical terms for human feces

Various foods are in contemporary use as analogies for the stool (human feces) found in certain medical conditions. Below is a selection of such food-related medical stool metaphors: butter stool – of excess fecal fat pea-soup stool – of typhoid fever red-currant jelly stool – of intussusception rice-water stool – of cholera BONUS: Pea-soup stool can […]