Computational gastronomy – part 1 – ‘Food Steganography’

The Varshney twins – Dr. Kush Varshney (currently at IBM) and Professor Lav Varshney (previously at IBM) – have authored a series of papers on the theme of computational gastronomy. Example 1 : Food Steganography with Olfactory White. (IEEE International Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing, Gold Coast, Australia, June-July 2014) “Can one hide an averse […]

Comparing (almost) identical papers – a steganographic exercise

As those keen on encryption and decryption will know, there are quite a few documented methods by which ‘secret’ messages can be concealed within apparently straightforward-looking chunks of text. Indeed, the original meaning of the word ‘Steganography‘ is simply ‘concealed writing’. For example, two blocks of text which at first glance appear alike can have […]