Effects of Cashew Gum and Nanoparticles on Cooled Stallion Semen

The number of published research studies about the effects of cashew gum and nanoparticles on cooled stallion semen has increased by one, with the arrival of this new study: “Effects of Cashew Gum and Nanoparticles on Cooled Stallion Semen,” Kahynna Cavalcante Loureiro, Isabel Bezerra Lima-Verde, Anders Johannisson, Theodoros Ntallaris, Alessandro Jager, Petr Štěpánek, Marcelo da […]

Artificial vaginas, and their sources

A company called Equine Reproduction offers information, services, and equipment for artificial insemination of horses and perhaps other animals. They host an online semen calculator. They explain some of the differences between different varieties of artificial vaginas, and in some cases identify the manufacturers. Here is their take on two of the many kinds: Colorado […]