The Kidney Stone of Alderman Adams

The History of Parliament blog detects a connection between Ig Nobel Prize-winning roller-coaster/kidney stone research and, yes, the history of Britain’s parliament: The Kidney Stone of Alderman Adams The link between the Ig Nobel Prize for improbable research and the 1640-1660 Section of the History of Parliament Trust is not immediately obvious; but the Ig Nobel […]

Kidney stones, roller coasters, and the triumph of gymnast Simone Biles

The Ig Nobel Prize-winning medical study about roller coasters and kidney stones came to a top gymnast’s mind when she dealt with her own kidney stone. NBC Sports reports: Simone Biles, with kidney stone, dominates gymnastics worlds qualifying … Simone Biles was in the emergency room past 1 a.m. on Saturday in Qatar. Didn’t look like it in world […]

The Roller-Coaster and the Lens

A cautionary tale for anyone who simultaneously uses intracoular lenses and a roller coaster: “Repositioning of a Dislocated Intraocular Lens During a Roller-Coaster Ride,” M.M. Bosch, K. Landau, and M.A. Thiel, New England Journal of Medicine, vol. 349, no. 11, September 11, 2003, pp. 1094–6. [AIR 15:5] The authors, at the University of Zurich, report: […]