Adams apples : examinations (part 1)

Apparently, the artist Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) was embarrassed by the size of his laryngeal prominence. Mr. Rockwell felt, it’s said, that his Adam’s apple protruded unduly, and had been known to take steps to cover it up in public. [pictured right] But possible academic implications of this have remained largely unstudied in scholarly circles – […]

Sex and Religion – a re-examination

“…the recent rise of fundamentalist and new age religious movements calls for a reexamination of the current link between religion and sexual behavior.” says a recent research article which may be the first academic study to have cross-tabulated Spiritualists, Agnostics, Atheists, Jews, Monotheist Christians, Fundamentalists (and those who declare no religion) – with their preferences […]

The broom cross

Clown ministry, described here recently, has more aspects than we had realized. Scholars can delight in The Layperson’s Guide to Clown Ministry, written by Geoff Turner. The Layperson’s Guide displays this photo, with an accompanying explanation: The Broom Cross What we have here is a very special cross. The cross beam is a yardstick to […]