Podcast 29: Eat a shrew, and an epidemic of penile amputations

The secret of why onions make people cry; the scientist who ate and excreted a shrew; the one-armed man who was arrested for applauding; the question of when cows lie down and stand up; and surgical management of an epidemic of penile amputations in Siam; and a cat unexpectedly taking over the podcast — all these all […]

Why does wine cry?

Invoking the interaction of differing surface tensions, Dan Quinn answers the question “Why Does Wine Cry”: (HT Aatish Bhatia) BONUS (unrelated, except in that it does involve both wine and crying, and someone who is interested in physics): Video of 22-year-old physics student Daniel Murphy from Dublin crying wine: BONUS (unrelated): Bobbejaan performs the song […]