Down a rabbit hole with predators and a philosopher

This paper seems meant to raise questions. Likely it does: “Painlessly Killing Predators,” Ben Bramble [pictured here], Journal of Applied Philosophy, epub 2020. (Thanks to Achim Reisdorf for bringing this to our attention.) The author explains: “Animals suffer harms not only in human captivity but in the wild as well. Some of these latter harms are […]

An effect of croquet on predator/parasite author order

Scientists sometimes find clever ways to decide contentious questions. Witness the method mentioned in this paper: “Aggregation of predators and insect parasites and its effect on stability,” M.P. Hassell and Robert M. May, Journal of Animal Ecology, 1974, pp. 567-594. (Thanks to investigator Betsy Devine for bringing this to our attention.)  In the 1974 predators/parasites paper, […]