Using Amino Acids to Identify Pornographic Images

This study pioneers the use of amino acids for identifying pornographic images: “Using Amino Acids of Images for Identifying Pornographic Images,” Vijay Naidu, Ajit Narayanan, and Manoranjan Mohanty, 2019 IEEE Conference on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval (MIPR), 2019. The authors, at Auckland University of Technology and the University of Aukland, New Zealand, report: The […]

The Specter of the Specter of Internet Pornography

The dire, horrible, brain-damaging effects of pornography may not exactly exist, suggests this study of a study that insists that yes, those effects do exist. The studies are: “Neuroscience research fails to support claims that excessive pornography consumption causes brain damage,” Rory C. Reid, Bruce N. Carpenter, and Timothy W. Fong, Surgical Neurology International, 2011; […]

Consumption of Pornography, Sexting Behavior, a Publication

This study was published, possibly for some reason: “The Associations Between Adolescents’ Consumption of Pornography and Music Videos and Their Sexting Behavior,” Joris Van Ouytsel [pictured here], Koen Ponnet, and Michel Walrave, Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, Volume 17, Number 12, 2014. The authors, at the University of Antwerp and Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, […]

Introducing a concept: Hortiporn

What is Hortipornography? We can do no better than consult the word’s coiners – Dr. Paul Hewer, now Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Strathclyde University, Scotland, and Professor Douglas Brownlie, at the University of Stirling, Scotland, who originated the term in their paper ‘Constructing Hortiporn: On the Aesthetics of Stylized Exteriors’ (in: Advances in Consumer […]

Self-Esteem of Steamy Actresses: High There

Further findings on the self-esteem front: “Pornography Actresses: An Assessment of the Damaged Goods Hypothesis,” James D. Griffith, Sharon Mitchell, Christian L. Hart, Lea T. Adams and Lucy L. Gu, Journal of Sex Research, epub November 20, 2012.  The authors explain: “The damaged goods hypothesis posits that female performers in the adult entertainment industry have […]

Pornography: cause & effect (technical)

Yes, non-engineers of the world, engineers do both seek and find excitement in their work. Patchen Barss has researched and written a book — called The Erotic Engine — about how passion drove technological innovation to greater heights. Barss says: Pornography built the hidden infrastructure of the Internet. Without pornography, cable television and the VCR […]

Keating’s pornography research

Charles Keating, an American financier whose accomplishments later came under intense public investigation, conducted an intense public investigation of pornography. Keating distilled his findings into this video. It remains a model for researchers who would like to emulate the Keating method of analysis and exposition:

Male quail porn stars

“Female Japanese Quail Affiliate With Live Males That They Have Seen Mate on Video,” A.G. Ophir and B.G. Galef, Jr., Animal Behaviour, vol. 66, no. 2, pp. 369—75. ( (Thanks to Elinor Lichtenberg for bringing this to our attention.) (That’s an excerpt from the article “Boys Will Be Boys,” Published in AIR 14:4.)