Further adventures with plastic pink flamingos: lemurs

Io9 published a selection of photos of plastic pink flamingos used as mental stimulants for lemurs in the San Francisco Zoo: Lawn Ornaments Help Lemurs Stay Happy and Healthy The San Francisco Zoo recently introduced its lemurs to some pink plastic flamingos. The results were predictably adorable, but the flamingos weren’t just decoration. They’re an […]

Flamingo-spurred matched Featherstones, for 35 years

This photo shows Don and Nancy Featherstone, wearing matching outfits, at the 2012 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. (Mike Benveniste took the photo.) The Featherstones have come to nearly every Ig Nobel ceremony since Donald was awarded the 1996 Ig Nobel Prize for art, for creating the plastic pink flamingo. For 35 years, the Featherstones have […]

Woman beset upon by plastic pink flamingos

WHDH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts reports an incident involving plastic pink flamingos. The plastic pink flamingo was created by Don Featherstone in the late 1950s. In 1996 Mr. Featherstone was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in art, honoring that achievement. Now it’s all taken a shocking (to one person) turn. WHDH says: QUINCY, Mass. — What […]