Woman beset upon by plastic pink flamingos

WHDH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts reports an incident involving plastic pink flamingos. The plastic pink flamingo was created by Don Featherstone in the late 1950s. In 1996 Mr. Featherstone was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in art, honoring that achievement.

Now it’s all taken a shocking (to one person) turn. WHDH says:

QUINCY, Mass. — What began as a fundraiser for seniors at Quincy High School has one homeowner claiming vandalism.

“They all believe that this is just a laughing matter and to me this is the farthest thing from a laughing matter,” said Carol Abbott, a longtime Quincy resident. Abbott lives in the Merrymount area of Quincy and finds it appalling that someone would line her meticulously manicured lawn with a dozen plastic flamingos. “These children are being encouraged by adults in the school administration and parent advisory council to trespass and vandalize,” said Abbott.

The school says putting a dozen or so plastic flamingos, along with a sign that reads “You have been flocked! By the Quincy High Senor Class Senior Night Out Committee,” is a fundraising effort for Senior Night Out….