Hamburgers, and nothing but, in a man in the 1930s

The Minnesota Medical foundation described, a while ago, a hamburgers-and-human experiment that took place a good while before that. Their blog in 2008 called it “an unusual hamburger experiment” done in the 1930s by Jesse McClendon [pictured here] of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Physiological Chemistry. Some details: He planned to feed a single experimental […]

Pickles and Haddock: Paranoia and Depression

To understand a little something about the evolution of insight, paranoia and depression during early schizophrenia, one might do well to begin with Pickles and Haddock. Their most pertinent published study is: Drake, R.J.; Pickles, A.; Bentall, R.P.; Kinderman, P.; Haddock, G.; Tarrier, N.; & Lewis, S.W. (2004). The evolution of insight, paranoia and depression […]