Unanticipated use and value of cigarettes: Endurance training

Cigarettes are useful for different purposes. Perhaps the best purpose is suggested in this study: “Cigarettes may be useful for distance runners?!? (or, How to prove anything with a review article),” Last winter the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a fascinating article by Ken Myers discussing the (as-yet unexamined) benefits of cigarette smoking on endurance […]

The Omniverous Reader’s Dilemma: Hamburgers Regain Their Appeal

Voracious ingestion of the contents of a book leads not necessarily to lasting, author-desired consequences, suggests this study: “Reading a book can change your mind, but only some changes last for a year: food attitude changes in readers of The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” Julia M. Hormes, Paul Rozin, Melanie C. Green, and Katrina Fincher, Frontiers in […]