Cormorants rain their waste upon limos in Rotterdam

Cormorants are showering shit upon limousines that park unwisely in one particular spot in Rotterdam. Kees Moeliker, ornithologist, director of the natural history museum in Rotterdam, and Ig Nobel Prize winner (for discovering homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck), writes about it in the Dutch newspaper NRC. Here is a machine-translation into English: Full layer […]

Defending Pay Phones and Parking Spots

As pay telephones disappear from our cities, with them vanish opportunities to watch an entertaining, maddening form of behaviour. The behaviour was documented in a study called Waiting For a Phone: Intrusion on Callers Leads to Territorial Defence. The report came out in 1989, before mobile phones nudged public pay phones towards oblivion. Professor R Barry […]

Male parking | Female parking — Factors Thereof

“The stereotype of women’s limited parking skills is deeply anchored in modern culture.” But has rarely been scientifically investigated, prompting Claudia Wolf, M.Sc. and Sebastian Ocklenburg M.Sc. and colleagues at the Fakultät für Psychologie, Institut für Kognitive Neurowissenschaft, Abteilung Biopsychologie, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, to perform an experimental study. 65 participants (30 women, 35 men) were […]