Leadership and Gardening – an update

Following on from our Improbable note about Leadership via Gardening, may we also draw attention to the work of Dr. Thorsten Grahn (of Regent University, Virginia Beach, US) who not only considers the analogies between gardening and organizational leadership but is also one of the very few organizational observers to have examined the leadership implications […]

Learning Organizational Learning

The concepts of Organizational Learning (OL) and Learning Organisation (LO) have been prevalent in the management literature for several decades [1] [2] – but exactly what, if anything, differentiates Organizational Learning (OL) from Learning Organisation (LO)? Answers are to be found in the SCMS Journal of Indian Management, January – March, 2012, where authors Dr. […]

The Virtue of Vagueness in Vision Statements

Those tasked with running large organisations sometimes have to make major changes to achieve organisational goals. What can be done to help ensure that these changes are effective? One strategy – proposed by professor Dennis A. Gioia and colleagues at the Department of Management and Organization of Penn State University, is to deliberately introduce a […]

Robust goodness from random promotions

There’s new, corroborating research that organizations become more efficient when they promote people randomly. The University of Catania team that won the 2010 Ig Nobel Prize in management for the original, mathematical work, has published a new study: “Efficient Promotion Strategies in Hierarchical Organizations,” Alessandro Pluchino, Andrea Rapisarda, Cesare Garofalo, arXiv:1102.2837v2. “the efficiency of an […]