Tissue paper, for audio engineers

Audio engineers can, famously, be finicky in selecting the very most right equipment for a task. Investigator Julia Lunetta alerts us to a report about one instance of this: Examining the Yamaha NS-10M “Tissue Paper Phenomenon” An Analysis of the Industry-Wide Practice of Using a Tissue-Paper Layer to Reduce High-Frequency Output by Bob Hodas …As […]

Analysis: Taking a Shower in Youth Hostels

“Taking a Shower in Youth Hostels: Risks and Delights of Heterogeneity,” Christina Matzke and Damien Challet, Bonn Graduate School of Economics Discussion paper, January 2008. (Thanks to Peter Buch for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, affiliated variously with the University of Bonn, Germany; the Institute for Scientific Interchange, in Torino, Italy; and the […]