Noseflutes for Christmas anyone?

Stuck for ideas for Christmas presents? Thought about noseflutes? Before purchasing (or making your own, as above), you can find all the information you require for an informed decision at – since 2011, the definitive online resource for all things noseflute-related. A review of the ‘Nasalette’ replica, as featured in the video above, can […]

Estimating intranasal volume – the easy way

One way to measure a human subject’s intranasal volume is to perform a structural whole-brain T1-weighted MRI scan, and then use computerised volumetric image analysis software on the resulting data. But is there an easier way? Yes, there is, according to a group of researchers from the Taste and Smell Clinic, University Hospital Carl Gustav […]

Working Memory Across Nostrils

This week’s memorable cross-nostrils study of the week is: “Working Memory Across Nostrils,” Yaara Yeshurun, Yadin Dudai, and Noam Sobel, Behavioral Neuroscience, vol.122, 2008, pp.1031-1037. BONUS: Sobel did the blindfolded-humans-follow-a-chocolate-small-trail experiment pictured here]. He is also the inventor of the nose-controlled electric wheelchair. BONUS: Yudai performed the snakes-in-an-MRI experiment.