Nude on the Moon

In the history of astronomy, there were many dreams about what humans would find if and when they reached the surface of the moon. One such dream is conveyed in the 1961 movie “Nude on the Moon“. (Thanks to investigator Stevyn Colgan for bringing it to our attention.) Click on the image to be shot […]

How to write a press release: Movie embarrassment

This press release from the Kansas State University  shows: (1) how to write a compelling press release; (2) news of an important research breakthrough; and (3) an inarguable (for one reason or another, hardly anyone would debate with a person who makes this particular explanation) explanation of why that particular research is important. The press […]

Film clip + psychology question

A psychology experiment for you to do: FIRST, watch this (approximately ten-minute-long) video, about which BoingBoing says “India’s most expensive movie yields most astonishingly violent and demented action-scene in cinematic history”: THEN, ask yourself “Did you see the gorilla?” [If that seems a nonsense question, then see the Dan Simons / Chris Chabris experiment. Then […]