Recent progress in Wonder Woman studies

Since her first appearance in 1941, Wonder Woman © has received considerable attention from academia. Here are (but a few) recent(ish) contributions to the literature : • ‘A Different Kind of Power’?: identification, stardom and embodiments of the military in Wonder Woman • Wonder Woman, the Gutter, and Critical Genocide Studies • Loving Lassos: Wonder Woman, […]

Superperson (girl, guy, whatever) glider: The patent

The new television series Supergirl [see below] shows the continuing public hunger to have flying superpersons. Thirty years ago, this hunger was very slightly served by a patented invention: “Flying figure toy glider,” US patent 4512690, filed November 14, 1983 and issued Apr 23, 1985 to ‎Mark E. Johnson of Escondito, California. The patent document […]