Moon-Wednesday and Indian Crimes [studies]

There are a plethora of scientific research projects which have investigated the Moon’s effect on what might seem to be unrelated earthly occurrences. They tend to break down into two categories – those which find there’s no effect, and those which find there is. No effect, for example on the Spanish suicide rate. Though the […]

The Moon and the Markets

Does the phase of the moon affect the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country? One of the few to have formally pursued this question is Dr. Stephen Keef, Teaching Fellow at the School of Economics and Finance of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. His latest paper Are investors moonstruck? Further international evidence on […]

The Turing Test and “Bill O’Reilly”

This video clip has been much in the news recently. We believe that people have misinterpreted its nature. Is the “man” speaking here really a thinking human being named Bill O’Reilly?  Or is the “man” really a computer artfully built to look and sound like a “thinking” human? Behold the latest entry in the Turing […]