Caring for and killing small mammals (University of Florida advice)

The grand circle of life is on display at  the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital. The institution reports that it “… offers the highest quality diagnostic and treatment care for all non-domestic animals, including Florida indigenous wildlife and non-native exotic animals.“ “Our service has exceptional experience and unparalleled facilities for non-domestic mammal medicine. We […]

Grimaces of mice and men (and rats)

Scientists are interested in whether mice’s facial expressions can be used as an index of pain.  To test the idea, they compared the Mouse Grimace Scale (pictured below) with more traditional behavioral measures in examining mice’s levels of discomfort after having surgery on their manhood—er, mousehood. “The Assessment of Post-Vasectomy Pain in Mice Using Behaviour and […]

Cats, Left-pawed Mice, stress chemicals

Investigator Richard Wassersug alerts us to this study, saying “This paper looks quite technical, but it is also rather cute.  Who would have thought that stress responses in the brain, as measured by immunological defenses were so lateralized?” “Predator exposure-induced cerebral interleukins are modulated heterogeneously by behavioral asymmetry“, Yun Su, Zefeng Xie, Gang Xin, Lichun […]

Mouse Allergens and the Presence of a Cat

Nature’s game of cat and mouse continues, with a newly discovered twist: “Housing and Allergens: A Pooled Analysis of Nine U.S. Studies,” Jonathan Wilson, Sherry L. Dixon, Patrick Breyss David Jacobs, Gary Adamkiewicz, Ginger L. Chew, Dorr Dearborn, James Krieger, Megan Sandel, and Adam Spanie, Environmental Research, vol. 110, no. 2, February 2010, pp. 189–98. […]