Men, Women and Parasites: The Pleasantness of Smelling Urine

Still another finding about cats and “fatal attraction”: “Fatal Attraction Phenomenon in Humans – Cat Odour Attractiveness Increased for Toxoplasma-Infected Men While Decreased for Infected Women,” Jaroslav Flegr [pictured here], Pavlína Lenochová, Zdeněk Hodný, Marta Vondrová, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, no. 5, vol. 11, epub November 8, 2012, e1389. The authors, at Charles University and […]

(Re)creating multiple masculinities: Crocket’s Ultimate Frisbee

Some say that over the past 10 years there has been an increasing focus on the complexity and diversity of masculinities produced in sporting contexts. Newly contributing to the literature on this subject is Dr. Hamish Crocket, who is a Sport and Leisure Studies Lecturer at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. In a forthcoming […]

Men’s far infrared magnetic underwear

Men’s far infrared magnetic underwear would make a perfect gift for men who have everything except men’s far infrared magnetic underwear. One source is, whose web site offers the following description. The specifications are delightful to read aloud: Men’s far infrared magnetic underwear (A new healthy life starts) Specifications Men’s far infrared magnetic underwear 1) […]

Intoxicated assumptions

Today’s classroom exercise is to [1] read this snippet from a psychology paper, then [2] identify all the assumptions that the authors make about what people think about, then [3] ask yourself if you believe those assumptions. The paper is “What Men Want: The Role of Reflective Opposite-Sex Normative Preferences in Alcohol Use Among College […]

Men, Girlfriends Who Sleep With…

Today’s Headline of the Day is from the Science Daily web site: Men More Likely to Stick With Girlfriends Who Sleep With Other Women Than Other Men The press release describes a paper done by a daughter-and-father team [pictured here, at right]:  “Sex differences in response to imagining a partner’s heterosexual or homosexual affair,” Jaime […]

Ovulating Women Ogle Forgettable Men

A soon-to-be-published study ogles women who ogle while they ovulate: “I Only Have Eyes for You: Ovulation Redirects Attention (But Not Memory) to Attractive Men,” Uriah S. Anderson, Elaine F. Perea, D. Vaughn Becker, Joshua M. Ackerman, Jenessa R. Shapiro, Steven L. Neuberg and Douglas T. Kenrick, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, article in press […]

Hammering, in ten persons

To research a difference between men and women, discussable results can be obtained by testing only five men and five women. Such is evident from this experiment: “Trade-offs between force and accuracy in human hammering performance” Duncan J. Irschick and Justin Henningsen University of Massachusetts 5 Women, 5 Men 5 trials per treatment 3 Nail […]