A man who pricked his finger & smelled putrid

Four doctors in Wales [at the hospital pictured below] rose to fame because of a man who pricked his finger and smelled putrid for five years. The doctors were hit nose-on with one of the most baffling medical mysteries on record. It all started with a chicken. The case ended happily – yet mysteriously – […]

Provocative cell phone & semen study

A group of researchers at Medical University of Graz, Austria and Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada invite you to consider cell phones and semen. You may be dubious about claims that cell phones cause cancer and various other ills. In that you would be in broad company — nearly all of the scientists who carefully looked […]

Combining kangaroo care with live harp music

You might think that an Israeli Medical Association report called Combining Kangaroo Care and Live Harp Music Therapy in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Setting is the first medical study of the combined effects, on newborns, of kangaroo care and music therapy. Not so. The invention of kangaroo care (also called kangaroo therapy) is widely attributed to […]

Mozart dies yet another way: Darkness

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [pictured here] has died a hundred deaths, more or less. Here’s a new one: darkness. Doctors over the years have resurrected the story of Mozart’s death again and again, each time proposing some alternative horrifying medical reason why the 18th century’s most celebrated and prolific composer keeled over at age 35. A […]

B.J. Cummings & Swallow: Anal [study]

A medical report notable for the harmonious combination of authors and topic: “Cancer of the Anal Region,” B.J. Cummings , C.J. Swallow, et al., in: Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology, V.T. DeVita, Jr., S. Hellman, and S.A. Rosenberg (eds), Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2008, pp. 1301–14. [AIR 16:2] (Thanks to investigator Ken Gorelick […]

Japan reports: Beer mitigates radiation damage?

Drinking beer may mitigate some of the dire medical effects of radiation, say many hope-filled twitterings from Japan. Radiation is much on people’s minds because of the recent earthquake-induced nuclear power-plant problems. Discussion centers on a 2005 report from Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Sciences. (HT Mark Schreiber.) The report is written in Japanese. A […]