Caution regarding shouting “HOOAH” (study)

“A previously healthy 20-year-old male trainee developed chest pain, shortness of breath, and neck pain after repeatedly shouting “Hooah!” during a motivational squad competition. He was found to have developed a pneumomediastinum with soft tissue crepitus of the neck. He had an uneventful recovery. Unique to the military training environment, vigorous shouting, including “Hooah!” as […]

Further fiery adventures of adventurous 25 year old male students (chapter the next)

Yet another medical report concerning fiery exhuberance in young adults: “Acute Unintentional Intoxication with Paraffin in a 25-Year old Patient — Clinical case report,” Andon Chibishev and Natasa Simonovska, Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, epub May 10, 2014. (Thanks to investigator Ivan Oransky for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at University Clinic […]

Feather Duvet Lung Danger

If you were compiling a compendium of everyday household items which can pose a danger, stepladders, drain-cleaning chemicals, and hot saucepans might immediately spring to mind. Feather duvets would quite probably be considerably further down the list. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by their lightweight, soft and fluffy demeanour –  […]

Jesus in a lung

Images from a thoracic spine examination by Christopher Vittore and Kevin Tribble, radiologists in Rockford, Ilinois and clinical assistant professors at University of Illinois College of Medicine. MRI technologist, Deb Savala assisted with the technical data. This was performed on an open MRI machine, a General Electric Signa 0.35 Tesla MRI scanner. (Details: 40 x […]