Not Its Crowning Glory: Regulating Anti-Hair-Loss Products

Some years ago, a law student looked at US government attempts to regulate products that claimed to prevent hair from vanishing. The student — who retained his own head of hair and later became a law professor — wrote this paper: “Not Its Crowning Glory: Obstacles for FDA in Regulating Ingested Dietary Supplements Purporting to […]

Team roping and the ghastly danger of de-thumbing

Consider two related items, one of despair, the other of hope. First, despair: “Thumb amputations from team roping,” Moheb S. Moneim, MD, Keikhosrow Firoozbakhsh, PhD, Dominic Gross, MD, Steven D. Young, MD and George Omer, MD, American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2003 Sep-Oct;31(5):728-35. The authors, at the University of New Mexico, report: Thumb injuries during team […]

The experiment where they purposely made poop glow in the dark

Investigator Kirk Maxey introduced us to this research by saying: “For those with fetishes, we can add multi-colors….” He gives details, including the image reproduced here, on his blog, which begins thus: Lose Weight…and your poop will glow in the dark too! Sean Davies had a problem to solve: If you genetically modify enteric bacteria to make them more […]