To Solve the Lipstick-Sticking-to-Facemask Problem

Two years before the Covid-19 pandemic existed, Ajikie Majima patented a way to solve a problem that would annoy millions of lipstick-wearers who want to also wear protective facemasks. That patent is: “Mask Replacement Patch,” Ajikie Majima, Japan patent #3211488U, 2017. Majima’s basic description of the invention: “Disclosed is a non-woven pleated mask that can […]

The Sexy-Valuable Research of Kristina and Vladas

Behold the joint publications of Kristina Durante [Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, University of Texas at San Antonio] and Vladas Griskevicius [Associate Professor, Marketing and Logistics, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota]: “The Fluctuating Female Vote: Politcs, Religion, and the Ovulatory Cycle,” Durante, K. M., Arsena, A. R., & Griskevicius, V. Psychological Science (forthcoming). […]