Napoleon’s Sex Life (a look back)

It was back in 1962 that Major-General F M Richardson CB DSO OBE Md (Retired) penned his (now classic) article for the Journal of The Royal Army Medical Corps – entitled : Napoleon’s Sex Life. According to the Major-General, Napoleon exhibited some ‘symptoms’ and had ‘leanings’ which considerably fuzzied his placement on the Kinsey Scale. […]

McManus adds Danish twist to Kinsey’s genital left/right data

Tom Whipple reports, in the Times [we suggest you click on that link, so you can see the photograph that accompanies the Times article]: Even Alfred Kinsey, the unembarrassable grandfather of sexology who happily discussed sadomasochism and homosexuality, went a bit coy with this question. “On which side of the central seam in your pants,” he asked […]