Podcast 29: Eat a shrew, and an epidemic of penile amputations

The secret of why onions make people cry; the scientist who ate and excreted a shrew; the one-armed man who was arrested for applauding; the question of when cows lie down and stand up; and surgical management of an epidemic of penile amputations in Siam; and a cat unexpectedly taking over the podcast — all these all […]

The Kajimoto laboratory (part 2): Muscular laugh enhancement

For another cross-modal human/computer research project [see previous article in this series] which has been developed by the Kajimoto laboratory (a department of The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan) investigates ‘The Enhancement of Laugh by using Muscle activity’, [note: paper mostly in Japanese]   “On television show, we are familiar with artificial sound of laughter […]

The Kajimoto laboratory (part 1): Goosebumps

The main research theme at the Kajimoto laboratory (a department of The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan), is human/computer interfaces, especially tactile or cross-modal interfaces. Professor Hiroyuki Kajimoto [pictured] established the laboratory in April 2007, and since then it has produced a series of unique research projects – for example: ‘Facilitating a Surprised Feeling by […]

Inspired by the possibility that catfish caused earthquakes

At one time, some people believed that giant catfish caused earthquakes in Japan. This belief led to the production of artworks of those catfish in thought and action. The University of British Columbia has, in its art collection, some of these works. They explain: A number of the prints in this collection feature catfish, known as […]

The effect of foreign sumo wrestlers on the body-mass/human-capital relationship in Japan

This economics study suggests that allowing foreigners to work as sumo wrestlers has been detrimental to the quality of native wrestlers’ wrestling: “Is body mass human capital in sumo? Outcome of globalization and formation of human capital in Japan,” Eiji Yamamura, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, epub November 22, 2013. The author, at […]

Sensing and Sensibility: “Development of Anal Position Detecting System for New-Toilet System”

Technology for the elderly grows more ambitious and, arguably, more adventurous. This paper sets a new standard: “Development of Anal Position Detecting System for New-Toilet System,” Koshi Tokoro, Keisuke Fujihira, and Hiroshi Kobayashi [Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan], paper presented at the 2013 Seventh International Conference on Sensing Technology, December […]