Button-down shirts, analyzed academically by Nathaniel Weiner

Subculture researcher Nathaniel Weiner, (PhD candidate in York University and Ryerson University’s joint PhD program in Communication and Culture) uses Roland Barthes’ notion of ‘fashion narrative’ to elucidate the close relationship between the button-down shirt and the ‘national imaginaries’ of the United States and Britain, in: Transatlantic Translations of the Button-down Shirt (in the journal […]

International CCACCA

Investigator Dany Adams writes: The November 11 issue of Science has an article called “tRNAs Marked with CCACCA Are Targeted for Degradation.” The authors “conjecture that CCACCA…is a universal mechanism…” In discussing this fascinating finding with the Ethiopian and Japanese scientists in the room, I discovered that “CACA” like MA and PA, is a universal word, […]