Self-inflicted: Squirrel Tissue Embedded with Birdshot in His Butt

Another apparent first in the history of medicine (brought to our attention by Sarah Wickline, writing in MedPage Today): “Gunshot Wound Contamination with Squirrel Tissue: Wound Care Considerations,” Porter W. Maerz, Tricia B. Falgiani, and Robyn M. Hoelle [pictured here], Case Reports in Emergency Medicine, vol. 2014 (2014), Article ID 342914. The authors, at the University of […]

Lower Extremity Kinetics in Tap Dance

For the first time, Improbable can draw attention to an experimentally verified investigation into  ‘Lower Extremity Kinetics in Tap Dance’ (in: Journal of Dance Medicine & Science, Volume 14, Number 1, March 2010 , pp. 3-10(8)) Investigators Lester Mayers, M.D., Shaw Bronner, P.T., Ph.D., O.C.S., Sujani Agraharasamakulam, M.S., and Sheyi Ojofeitimi, M.P.T. asked six professional […]

Ballistic Potatoes – the Dangers

“All over the world, mostly adolescent boys enjoy building and firing […] combustion-powered guns launching chunks of potatoes into the environment.” “Although potato cannons are an area of great interest among internet users, they are almost completely unknown in the medical community.” At least they were – until details of the experimental work by Matthias […]

Cow’s-horn athletic mystery

This week’s Unexpected Medical Phrase of the Week phrase is: “athletic injury by a foreign object, cow’s horn“. It occurs in the study “Nonobstetrics vulvovaginal injuries: mechanism and outcome,” Dubravko Habek and Tomislav Kulaš, Arch Gynecol Obstet., 2007 Feb;275(2):93-7. The authors, at Zagreb University, list numerous kinds of injury, including: “Straddle accident due to fall […]