Importance Sometimes Eclipses Amusement: Dung Beetles & the Milky Way

When people first encounter something surprising, it can seem laughable and thought-provoking. Later, if enough people come to decide the discovery is important, people then treat it with reverence and awe. The discovery has become too important, apparently, to describe with amusement. The public reaction has changed—but it’s the same discovery! Here is , perhaps, […]

If you can measure it, it must be important: Ear lobe vs ear lobe vs body fat

If you can measure it, it must be important — a principle demonstrated in this study: “Predicting visceral obesity based on facial characteristics,” Bum Ju Lee and Jong Yeol Kim, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2014, 14:248. The authors, at the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, report: No studies on the best predictor of visceral […]