Charming Warts (part 2)

Notwithstanding the persistent lack of understanding of psychogenic influences on warts [see our recent glance at the subject] considerable progress has made in documenting the effects of wart hypnotherapy. Some hypnotists maintain that success rates for hypnotic wart removal can reach up to 80%. See, for example: ‘Hypnotherapy for Warts (Verruca Vulgaris): 41 Consecutive Cases with […]

How to hypnotize an octopus

Lyle Zapato delves into the historical writings, which are quite old, about how to hypnotize an octopus, and about how to defend yourself against a charging octopus on land. On the first subject, he begins: The earliest known work on octopus hypnotism was done by professor B. Danilewsky of Kharkiv University as part of his research […]